Corporate Mobile Crazy Golf

Corporate Mobile Crazy Golf

November 2019

Exhibition Stand Gamification – How To Attract Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

The primary goal of any creative exhibition stand is to showcase your product(s) to new clients, but how do you attract them to your stand in the first place? Thankfully the days of hiring a leggy blond to lure in prospective clients has gone; welcome to the age of engaging your prospective clients with something to do, welcome to gamification! Image Courtesy of Parker Design Consultants The concept of gamification has been around for a few years now.  According to Wikipedia, "Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts" but

October 2019

May 2019

Mobile Crazy Golf – Crazy9 Fundraising Money for Childline

If any of you know us, you'll know that if we can help, we will help.  Supporting local charities as much as we can has always been a priority, whether it be helping with fundraising money for charity, volunteering our time or even by publishing BeeQuest - the Bees of Greater Manchester to raise money for the Manchester Memorial Fund. As soon as we launched Crazy9 we realised that there was an opportunity for us fundraising money for charity so we contacted Childline and donated a mobile crazy golf corporate entertainment package to their Glamour of

November 2018

Hipping Hall Mobile Crazy Golf Corporate Entertainment – Rickitt Mitchell

Crazy9 was approached by Rickitt Mitchell to provide them with our mobile crazy golf corporate entertainment mobile crazy golf package for their annual office party at Hipping Hall in Kirkby Lonsdale.  The venue has some fabulous outdoor locations for us to set up the mobile crazy golf course for weddings and corporate events but as weather was cold we decided it best if we set up indoors.  We ended up splitting the course up into several rooms.  The mobile crazy golf course started off  in the orangery, leading into the dining room, through reception and ending up