With the government’s roadmap for us coming fully out of lockdown by June 21st (keeping our fingers crossed),  it’s time to start thinking about post-lockdown corporate party event ideas.  Mobile crazy golf is a great way to bring your office teams back together in a fun safe environment.

Post Lockdown Corporate Party Event Ideas - mobile crazy golf

Towers Business Park, Manchester.  Summer 2019

Why choose Crazy Golf for your Post-Lockdown Corporate Party Event entertainment?

Our mobile crazy golf ticks so many boxes when it comes to Post Lockdown Corporate Party Event Ideas.

  • Crazy Golf is a great ice-breaker, for both interdepartmental or client relations.

  • It’s fun and competitive (both the Corporate and Corporate PLUS packages come with the leader board as standard)

  • Everyone can join in regardless of their ability to play golf (in fact it often helps if you don’t play golf).

  • It gives your staff and guests an opportunity to unwind and socialise.

Whilst following government guidelines for social distancing our statement of general policy to minimise the risk of spreading an epidemic / pandemic whilst players are on our mobile crazy golf course is as follows:

  • We will promote physical distancing between non-cohabitating staff members.

  • We will promote physical distancing between customers and staff members.

  • We will promote physical distancing between groups of customers.

  • We will make arrangements to provide facilities for hand hygiene.

  • We will promote responsible respiratory etiquette.

  • We will disinfect all golf balls, clubs, score card holders and pencils before the event takes place and in-between each usage.

Note: outside of the course perimeter, it is up to the venue to promote their own epidemic / pandemic policy.