Mobile Crazy Golf FAQs

Our mobile crazy golf course is unique in design and the services we provide are second to none.  Below is a list of answers to the most Frequently Questions we get Asked.  If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then use the contact form to get in touch.

Our studio is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester which gives us a central location to cover the whole of mainland UK.  The prices shown on the website are based on the event location being within a 50 mile radius of Stockport and there is a 70p / mile round trip fuel & labour surcharge thereafter.  To calculate any additional costs, use Google maps (or similar) to calculate the distance from Vernon Mill, Stockport to your venue.  If it is below 50 then no additional charges are incurred otherwise subtract the 50 miles that is included in the standard package price, multiply the result by 2 to get a round trip mileage then multiply by £0.70 to work out the additional charge.  Note this covers our fuel and the additional time it will take us to travel.

For example:

Vernon Mill to Hornington Manor, Oxton Ln, Bolton Percy, York YO23 7AS = 72 miles

72 – 50 = 22 miles

22 x 2 = 44 miles round trip

44 x £0.70 = £30.80 fuel surcharge.

If the Travel Time is greater than 3.5 hours, an addition £60 will be added to the Fuel Surcharge to contribute towards overnight accommodation.

We all know the British weather can be unpredictable but there is no reason why the weather should stop play if the course has been set up outside. Our equipment is showerproof and we will provide a limited number of golf umbrellas so as you and your guests can continue to play.  As part of our service we also carry four pop-up gazebos each measuring 3m x 6m that can be hired on the day for £150 to cover the course.  For an additional £50 we will provide side panels to make the space completely enclosed (necessary if there is driving rain or the ambient temperature is cold).  Please note that there will be substitutions made for some of the Wedding PLUS / Corporate PLUS extras such as the lawn croquet and revolving table tennis table as they will not fit inside the gazebos.  Should the weather change for the worse including high winds, torrential rain, thunderstorms, snow and ice, flooding and lightning then it is up to our discretion to close and dismantle the course. This is primarily due to Health and Safety along with our insurance coverage.

Take a look at our ground requirements page which outlines whay types of ground we can set the course up on and how much space we need.

This is a popular question that we’ve been asked and the answer is YES!  To meet your needs we’ve created an à la Golf Carte menu so as you can create a bespoke  wedding/corporate entertainment package to suit your requirements.

Our à la golf carte menu will continue to grow as we create new and exciting additions to the course.  If you’d like to add any items to your package, just mention them in the comments section of the booking form as we can take care of it when we come to make the final payment & arrangements.
Check out our à la golf carte menu

We provide wedding entertainment and corporate entertainment for up to 6 hours with a finish time of no later than 8pm. This does not include the set up and disassemble time.

With regards to weddings, if the wedding ceremony is at the same venue as the reception then we’ll try to set up the course beforehand otherwise we’ll set up the course during the ceremony.  We set up the course either before or during the wedding ceremony so as your guests can play crazy golf during the drinks reception whilst you have your wedding photographs taken (it also give the photographer/videographer an interesting backdrop). We stay with the course whilst you have your wedding breakfast and continue game-play once the best man’s speech is over and on into the early evening. So for example if the drinks reception starts at 2pm, we would provide entertainment until 8pm (6 hours).

Sometimes depending upon the venue it may be that the drinks reception area and the early evening entertainment area are in different parts of the same venue.  We have been asked in the past whether we’d be prepared to move the course during the wedding breakfast so as it is closer to the evening entertainment area.  Rookery Hall near to Nantwich is one such venue.  We are willing to move the course during the wedding breakfast within the grounds of the same venue for an additional £150.

The majority of the hard work involved in providing you with (what we consider to be the best entertainment you’ll ever get at a wedding) is the planning, logistics and the setup & dismantling the course.  The time in between (the bit where you and your guests are enjoying playing the course) is the bit where where we can sit back and recharge our batteries (metaphorically speaking, we’re on the go from start to finish making sure you’re guests are having a good time) before packing up and travelling home.  So it doesn’t really matter whether we’re there for 1 hour or 6 the cost is still the same.  In short, no, we don’t offer discount!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the ‘Check Availability‘ form to find out whether we’re available on the required date.
  2. We’ll get back to you with our availability and whether the venue has been pre-approved or not.  We’ll also include a link to our booking form.
  3. If the venue has not been pre-approved, you will need to make sure they have the  required space and ground requirements
  4. Make sure you’ve read our Privacy Policy as you’ll have to agree to it before making a booking request.
  5. Read the Crazy9 Mobile Crazy Golf Rules as you’ll have to agree to them before making a booking request.
  6. Read the Booking Terms and Conditions located below the booking form as you’ll have to agree to them before making a booking request
  7. Fill out the Booking Form to reserve the date for 48 hours.
  8. Pay £250 booking fee within the 48 hours to secure the booking.   If payment is not received within the 48 hours then the date will become available for others to book.  Note: the £250 is deducted from your final payment which is due 60 days prior to the event.


We are covered by  £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, and carry the schedule along with our Health & Safety and Risk Assessment documents with us to all events.  Should a venue require proof beforehand, please email us and we will forward you our current cover.

We do not accept liability due to damage or loss of either the player’s or the venue’s personal possessions or personal injury whilst playing the mobile adventure course, you play at your own risk.

It is to be expected that our course will receive minor scuffs and dings during the event however you agree that compensation for any loss of or damage to crazy9’s equipment, vehicle(s) and/or personal belongings caused by deliberate or malicious behaviour of your guests, venue customers and/or venue staff may be sought, including any additional costs.

The inner part of your ear (the bit you can’t see) not only allows you to hear but also controls your sense of balance.  The ‘Semicircular Canals’ which are adjacent to the cochlea are filled with liquid and lined with tiny hairs which are attached to nerve endings connected to the brain.  When we move, the tiny hairs get bent by the liquid and the signals that are produced by the hairs are transmitted to the brain which interprets them and gives you a sense of balance.  When you spin around quickly the liquid in the inner ear spins as well. When you stop spinning the liquid keeps moving for a while which confuses the brain into thinking that you’re still spinning even when you’re not!

Best Advice….. Don’t stand on the revolving Crazy Susan hole!

Our Goal is to make your special day just that bit more memorable!

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