Mobile Crazy Golf Approved Wedding Venues

Crazy9 has set the gold standard in mobile crazy golf entertainment. Our partnership with the following Crazy Golf Approved Wedding Venues ensures a harmonious blend of celebration and fun. Your wedding day deserves to be unique and memorable, our mobile crazy golf course adds that touch of fun and excitement.

With Crazy9, your wedding day becomes an extraordinary event filled with laughter and joy that will be remembered by all. Explore our Approved Wedding Venues list and let the games begin!

Mobile Crazy Golf Approved Wedding Venues

Don’t worry if you can’t find your chosen wedding venue. It may be that they are already on the Crazy9 approved wedding venues list but we’ve not had time to add them here. When you fill out the Check Availability form, we don’t just get back to you with our availability. We also confirm whether your wedding venue is on the list or not. If we’ve not set up at your venue before, head over to our Ground Requirements page. Here you’ll find all the information you need to check whether we can set up or not.

Our Mobile Crazy Golf effortlessly adapts to your chosen venue, be it outdoors or indoors. Ensuring a seamless setup, we require a flat and level surface with easy vehicle access. Whether it’s a lush lawn, paved courtyard, tarmac, floorboards, or concrete, our versatile course transforms any ground into a playground of joy. This adaptability guarantees a memorable Crazy9 experience at a location that suits your vision, with the only prerequisite being a flat and level space, providing flexibility and convenience for your event.

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