Foxtail Barns

portable mini golf at foxtail barns wedding venue
portable mini golf at foxtail barns wedding venue

Foxtail Wedding Barns provides a charming and rustic setting nestled in the scenic Staffordshire countryside. This exclusive-use wedding venue sits within a walled garden, offering an idyllic and intimate backdrop for your big day. The beautifully restored barns exude rustic elegance, seamlessly blending traditional charm with modern amenities. With dedicated staff committed to making your wedding day flawless, Foxtail Wedding Barns is the perfect choice for a memorable celebration.

Crazy Golf Setup Location

The lawn adjacent to the orangery at Foxtail Barns, set against the backdrop of an 18th-century walled garden, serves as an ideal spot for our Wedding, Wedding EXTRA, or Wedding PLUS packages.

What if it Rains?

In the event of rain, we ensure your guests can still enjoy the crazy golf experience. For light showers and low winds, we set up the course on the paved area under our four pop-up gazebos, allowing your guests to play on the course come rain or shine.

Winter Weddings at Foxtail Barns

Unfortunately, there isn’t any indoor space for us to set up the mobile crazy golf course. This means we can only do summer weddings between mid-April and mid-September when the nights are drawn out.

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